Myths and Realities of Accountability

If I asked you, "are you an accountable person?" You'd say "yes!" If you asked me, I'd say the same. In fact, if you asked the least accountable person you know the same question, they would likely reply in the shocked, and slightly put out, affirmative.

We all think we (ourselves) are accountable people. And we are. Sometimes. It's that 'sometimes,' that makes us not accountable people overall.

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People Centered Leadership: Leading People vs. Managing Process

In our quest to understand engagement, we’ve lost sight of the fact that lack of engagement is a leadership problem- not a ‘people’ or ‘culture’ problem. There is a profound difference between leaders who primarily manage process—how work gets done—and those who are true leaders of people-- of real, live human beings. Leaders who put people first lead with people at the center of all they do.

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Diversity is Dead

Over a decade has passed since Corey Jamison published the article, ‘Diversity is Dead’. The article still resonates years later as we work with organizations to leverage inclusion as a strategic, transformational business lever.

“If people think diversity is "done," then let's lay it to rest. If it is treated simply as an expendable add-on program or function it is doomed, because expendable programs are cut at the next downturn of the business cycle. If it is limited to race and gender differences and headcount, diversity is dead.”

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Courageous ≠ Fearless

Fear is a normal human emotion, working to avoid it just makes it bigger.

When we “feel badly” about being afraid, or get mad at our fear, we turn our fear into shame.  Then we have fear AND shame to contend with. Not big motivators.

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