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The 3 Keys To Emerging Leaders Professional Development

According to 2016 Deloitte Millennial Survey, 57% of Millennials expect to leave their current position by 2020 taking with them significant skills and company investment. Of those who plan to leave, 71% report dissatisfaction that their leadership skills are not being developed. Those who stay will have ample opportunity for leadership development, opportunities for growth and promotion and are actively encouraged to go for leadership roles. Organizations get the highest return on their investment when they encourage Emerging Leaders to ‘own’ their career path and drive their own leadership development. Not surprisingly, when individuals lead their development they are more invested and connected to the outcome.

In this session participants will:

  • Define strategies to partner with your organization’s Emerging Leaders to leverage their strengths, vision and goals in service of the overarching vision of your organization;

  • Identify tools to design career development experiences that expand skill sets;

  • Learn strategies that develop organizational stakeholders of all ages by leveraging the later generations’ wisdom and knowledge while cultivating Emerging Leaders’ innovation and creativity.

Session facilitated by Julie Bush

For more information and to register for the Hudson-Mohawk Association for Talent Development 2018 Talent Development Summit, visit