Whatever it takes.
Like every human, every organizational system contains the wisdom and knowledge about how to adapt, improve and reinvent itself. We will help you develop and sustain an anticipatory mindset to better see what you already know. Then, you’ll be better positioned to tap the resources, courage, and people you already have to move towards the outcomes you envision.

How do we do it?
Through custom solutions that address the current need of your organization.


Organizational Transformation

Transformation change requires courage, shared exploration and commitment to action.

It requires momentum built and sustained from the inside -> out. It starts with a clear strategy and a few deeply committed and clear change agents who approach their everyday work with a transformational mindset.  And, it requires leaders who know how to lead human beings toward a clear vision, how to inspire them to work at their highest level of capability.

Our organizational change model leverages the tools, principles and knowledge you already have to co-create possibilities that leverage the investments you have already made.


Radical Team Alignment

Clarifying the what, aligning on the how.

Teams that focus on their working relationship in the absence of real-time work get temporary, surface results. That post-team building glow soon fades, and teams find themselves worse off than before their team building efforts began.

Teams that align, that fully address the core issues that facilitate, and that derail results- and make agreements about how they will operate as a collective, often cross-functional unit- those teams know how to sustain high performance. They avoid delays in decision-making, unnecessary drama, and triangulated, frustrating communications.


Executive Coaching


Solution-Focused Development

Leaders rarely get honest, direct feedback about their performance, and almost never about their style of interacting with others and the impact it has on people’s productivity, motivation and engagement.  Transformational leaders and teams develop the competencies to explore, adjust and improve their style as leaders to meet the call of people in their organizations.

We collect and provide clear and practicable, solution-focused feedback, and partner with leaders and teams to candidly address what is getting in the way of reaching the highest level of sustained results.  Leaders learn how to gather that feedback for themselves, as part of a continuous improvement cycle that drives individual and team high performance, and accelerates results.

Using our intensive Five Step Solution-Focused Model, you and your team will be clear and aligned on exactly where you’re headed and how you’ll get there. Together.


Custom Training and Leadership Development

Xperience the Difference

XperienceU changes how leaders and teams think about work. About collaboration. About Conflict. About Strategy. XperienceU compels leaders and team toward action, toward the change needed to reach a shared vision.  XperienceU is transformational in content, platform and impact.

XperienceU’s offerings include custom training workshops and leadership development designed in collaboration with you, and based on your immediate organizational goals and long term aspirations. Built on the science of how we learn, we use our signature approach of learn -> do -> apply to incorporate active learning strategies and multiple practice opportunities to solidify and sustain outcomes.

We specialize in Leadership Development, Competency Building Workshops and Emerging Leader Development.

Visit XperienceUtraining.com for our complete list of offerings.