Radical Team Alignment
Clarifying the what, aligning on the how.

Teams that focus on their working relationship in the absence of real-time work get temporary, surface results. That post-team building glow soon fades, and teams find themselves worse off than before their team building efforts began.

Teams that align, that fully address the core issues that facilitate, and that derail results- and make agreements about how they will operate as a collective, often cross-functional unit- those teams know how to sustain high performance. They avoid delays in decision-making, unnecessary drama, and triangulated, frustrating communications.

Our two part Radical Team Alignment process is built on the core imperative that high performing, aligned team must clarify the ‘what’, and align on the ‘how’.

Clarifying the What:

Clarifying and aligning around ‘right work’ goes a long way to eliminating waste in process and interactions. It also gives the baseline of what leadership behaviors and team agreements need to be in place to deliver that ‘what,’ those specific results.


Aligning on the How:

Once aligned around the ‘what,’ teams are ready to explore the quality of interactions, behavior and agreements between members that will drive accomplishment of the ‘what,’ the results.