When leaders or teams focus on problems, they get more problems.

When they focus on solutions, they get more (and better) solutions. Leaders rarely get honest, direct feedback about their performance, and almost never about their style of interacting with others and the impact it has on people’s productivity, motivation and engagement.

We collect and provide clear and practicable, solution-focused feedback, and partner with leaders and teams to candidly address what is getting in the way of reaching the highest level of sustained results.

Using our Five Step Solution-Focused Model, you and your team will be clear and aligned on exactly where you’re headed and how you’ll get there. Together.



Great organizational cultures don't just happen. They require a strategy of their own, and flawless execution.

It’s time to acknowledge that ‘Diversity’ as an organizational movement is long dead. Too many organizational culture efforts become programs of the month, the first thing to go in tough times, and short-lived, feel good bursts, with no real momentum.

With decades of experience in the field of inclusion, engagement and differences, we bring a unique perspective on integrating global best practices for inclusion, diversity and engagement.


Corey Jamison is a sought-after speaker and appears frequently at professional conferences and corporate events.

She is available for highly customized, interactive engagements ranging from one-hour presentations to multi-day workshops.

Topics may include: 

  • Nothing is Impossible: Courage as an Organizational Change Accelerator
  • Courageous Teams: Mustering the Collective Guts to Get the Job Done
  • Courageous Transitions: When It’s Time to Move Forward
  • For Women Only: Lower the Bar, Drop the Guilt
  • For Men Only: Leading With Courage at Work and at Home
  • Putting Courage to Work: Transforming Conflict into Collaboration
  • Courageous Teams: Building Enduring Mindsets of Radical Improvement
  • Courageous Couples: Abiding Love is a Choice



It's time to admit the truth: Work-Life Balance doesn't work.

It requires women to choose one over the other, leaving us depleted and guilt–ridden.

Work-Life Integration, however, allows us to be at our best wherever we are, which is good for us, our families and our organization’s results.

Work-Life Integration is not only a women's issue, it is an organizational, systemic issue. We help leaders position Work-Life Integration as a strategic lever for higher engagement, increased trust and better individual and team performance.

Coaching women leaders is our passion. Our Five Step Solution-Focused Model can help you (and your team) address the barriers to your highest level of performance, and create clear, practicable and Courageous plans for making your highest level professional and personal goals a reality.