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Corey Jamison at Albany Business Review's Mentoring Monday

Join Corey Jamison and the Albany Business Review for a one of a kind event and continuation of an annual tradition that brings women together in a casual, fast-paced coaching atmosphere.

This event will take place in 40 markets on the same day which means at least 200+ women will be coached in every market or 8,000+ women across America, from Albany to Hawaii. 

The event will kick off with an insightful panel discussion, then offer attendees the opportunity to choose from 36 mentors for one-on-one coaching sessions for five-minute conversations. We expect every attendee to have the opportunity for one-on-coaching with at least two mentors and the opportunity to participate in small group coaching sessions. The fast-paced event will be fun and fulfilling as everyone gets the chance to meet new people and gain new insights.

To register and see the full list of mentors, visit the Business Review's website.