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Women In Healthcare Leadership Summit

Join Corey Jamison at the Women In Healthcare Leadership Summit as she facilitates DO less and BE More— Courageous Leadership.

Courageous leadership calls us to a higher level of competence and commitment to serve people and organizations. It calls us to do less, and BE more. It calls us to be COURAGEOUS as women, leaders, team members and human beings, in good and challenging times.

With the pressure of external forces on healthcare we are all facing, a Transformational Leader mindset is essential to positioning the right people, to do the right work at the right time in our organizations. Transactional Leaders manage process, Transformational Leaders focus on effectively leading, engaging and inspiring human beings at all levels so that they can sustain momentum, change and evolve to serve our clients with the highest level of care.

Led by Corey Jamison, this thought provoking, interactive (and FUN!) session will give participants an opportunity to explore their own courage to live and model the 3 Key Practices of Transformational Leaders.