Merck Client

"Corey Jamison and her team helped us launch a newly formed leadership team in a time of intensive change and growth. They brought outstanding tools and models, but more importantly they brought an unflappable commitment to us delivering at our highest capability as a team, and as individual members. Corey Jamison works with intention and grit. If you’re leading a transformation, you won’t find a better partner to guide you through it."

— Craig Kennedy, Senior Vice President, Global Supply Chain Management Merck & Co.

NY Times Client Pic

"Corey Jamison and her team have worked with our digital product, revenue and marketing leaders and teams to make us more productive, more able to get the best out of one another, and more impactful in our work. Her unique background in both corporate leadership and psychology made her uniquely able to cut through blockers and make leaders and teams more effective quickly. She is whip smart and incredibly strategic, and in a very short time won the trust of not just me and my team but our broader executive team."

— Meredith Kopit Levien, Executive Vice President & COO, The New York Times

Biogen Client Pic

"I have had the pleasure of working with Corey Jamison over the past 7 years as a personal and team coach. She has a wonderful, creative style that brings out the best in people and raises the bar for high performing teams. Working with Corey, courage has a new meaning to me. She has taught me to lead through positivity, learning and growing from adversity."

— Maria Nieradka, Senior Vice President, Corporate Development Biogen Inc.

CAP COM Federal Credit Union Client Pic

"CAP COM Federal Credit Union has worked with Corey Jamison and Corey Jamison Consulting for several years on many aspects of our training and development needs. Our management team benefited greatly from the solution-focused Leadership Development Series. Corey and her team provide the foundation for ultimate success through her style, passion for people and knowledge about how to help people and businesses succeed."

— Paula Stopera, CEO, CAP COM Federal Credit Union